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Seal Boy: The Game

Seal Boy is an endless runner game  available for Android on Play Store. Take the part of either Mat Fraser and Jacqui Harper to explore a forgotten history of disability. 
Use Mat and Jacqui's unique motion to travel to back to 1960s Germany. 


Dr Simon Mckeown researched during 2014-2015 to analyse the catastrophe of Thalidomide, a drug developing in the 1950s and used like over the counter pain killers today. 


Working with Thalidomide actor and performer Mat Fraser and CGI artist Craig McMullen, McKeown devised a novel, yet, simple 3D computer game, which featured Fraser as well as his friend, Jacqui Harper who is also Thalidomide affected, as the main characters.

DarkeMcKeown McMullen

Seal Boy Game Development: The Team

Dr Simon McKeown

Artist and Reader at Teesside University

Simon Mckeown is an award-winning internationally exhibiting artist known for his work which considers disability as well as our digital futures. As a former computer games artist he devised Seal Boy addressing his interest in diversity in gaming.

Craig McMullen

Digital Artist and Computer Graphic specialst.

Craig McMullen is a CGI Animator and artist and the creative and technical lead for Seal Boy. He worked with Simon Mckeown to plan the game and its content.

Dr Paul Darke

CEO and Founder of Digital Disability & Publisher of Seal Boy the Game

Digital Disability works to promote disabled people through the arts, education, health and wellbeing. We work to advance the education of the public in the subject of disability through the arts and in the case of Seal Boy - computer games.


Additional Assistance:

Jessica Sham (3D Modeller, CGI Graduate at Teesside University) supported Craig providing 3D assets by designing, sketching and modelling in 3D the final assets later incorporated into the game engine Unreal.

Jonathon Lee (3D Modeller, CGI Graduate at Teesside University) likewise supported Craig, by designing, sketching and modelling in 3D the final assets later incorporated into the game engine Unreal.

Kameliya Minkova (Concept art Graduate at Teesside University) provided some early concept sketches.