Doctor, Ina Lochhead McNeill (1869-1949)

Wolverhampton's First woman Doctor, Ina Lochhead McNeill (1869-1949) appointed Surgeon at Women’s Hospital in 1902. 

Dr McNeill is referenced in the local paper in March 1903.
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Wolverhampton Lady Doctor Gives Evidence At An Inquest.

Mr,. R. A. Willcock held an inquest on

Monday at which for the first time in the history of the borough of Wolverhampton, a lady doctor was called upon to give evidence.

The inquiry was into the circumstances respecting the death of Jane Pugh (67), wife of Thomas Humphreys Pugh, formerly a warehouseman, of 3, Culwell street, Springfields. From the evidence, it appeared that on Friday night the

deceased went to apparently in her usual health; but at seven o’clock the next morning: the: husband, who is himself an invalid, found his wife dead by his side. The deceased had not been medically attended for a considerable time.

Ina Lochhead McNeill, M.B., and Ch.B., Glasgow, who had made a post-mortem at the request of the Coroner, was then called. Beyond the very decided impression conveyed by the name of the witness, there was nothing as regard accent to indicate that she hailed from north of Tweed. Miss McNeill elected to take the scotch form of oath and gave the results of her examination of the body in a low but distinct, tone of voice, which must have been inaudible to some of the jury.

The witness statement was brief, precise and, to the point. She said that the body was that of a well-nourished woman, and in describing the condition of the internal organs stated that the heart was large and flabby and had a good deal of fat around it. Death was due to cardiac failure. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.

From local directory 1914 


Church Mission for the Deaf and Dumb


The Lord Bishop of Lichfield.


The Rev. Prebendary Penny. HON.   SECRETARY-

Miss Alma Rubery, Oaken, Wolverhampton.


A. Russell, 40, Larches lane, Wolverhampton.
Miss Turner, 6, Upper Forster Street, Walsall.

The objects of the Mission are-
(1) To provide spiritual instruction for the deaf and dumb.
(2) To visit the sick, and others at their homes.
(3) To assist the deaf and dumb in obtaining employment. 
(4)  To encourage the early training of deaf and dumb children.

There are about 600 deaf and dumb persons already benefiting by this Mission, which was begun in Wolverhampton in 1886.

A Home for deaf and dumb girls was opened on January 1st, 1902,
7, Clarendon street, and has proved a valuable addition to the Mission.
There is also a Church Institute for the deaf at 7 Clarendon  street, 
where  a  service is held every Sunday, at 3-30 p.m.


"Jane Bessemeres" Home for Deaf and Dumb Girls.

(connected with the above mission),


Rev. Kipling Cox (Chairman of Home Committee), Rev. R. G. Hunt, Mrs. Byron,

Mrs. Bradburn, Mrs. Cooke, Mrs. Leigh Glaze, Mrs. Mentz-Tolley, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. McMunn, Mrs. J. F. Sidney, Mrs. Morrell.


Dr. Ina McNeill.        Dr. Mactier.

HON. DENTIST - A. Black.

HON. SEC.- Mrs. Pryce, Heath house, Oaken.

HON. MATRON - Miss Skoulding Cann.

This Home was proviued to give shelter to those who from va1ious causes require it. Deaf and  Dumb  Girls  need  more  protection  than  others. They are taught housework, needlework, and language, and are enabled to help themselves.

Ina Lochhead McNeill was born in 1869 in Born Belfast Ireland, to William and Jane  McNeill. Ina was the youngest of 9 children.  She attended Victoria College Belfast and  Moravian School, Neuwied, near Koblenz, Germany before studing at University of Glasgow.

1899accn3519_1_Ina McNeill grad.jpgThe family attended Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, near Belfast.  Ina and Margaret Mcneil both became doctors. Maragret was a missionary in China. 

 Ina Lochhead McNeill (1869-1949) appointed Surgeon at Women’s Hospital in 1902. was Wolverhampton's First woman Doctor.

Ina Lochhead McNeill (1869-1949) graduated in 1899 with a MBChB.  In 1936 the General Council Register gives her address as Applecross, Tettenhall Wood, nr Wolverhampton.

Her matriculation (registration) record from the year 1896/7 states:

Ina Lochhead McNeill  27
Father: William -  retired merchant
Branch of Study: Medicine - Practical Anatomy, Pathology, Clinical Medicine, Advanced Physiology Number of Sessions previously attended at this University: four Classes in the Faculty of: Medicine Present Address: Queen Margaret Hall, Hillhead Home address: Malone Road, Belfast

For information  about records held at Glasgow University visit

Ina Lochhead McNeill MBChB
Thank you to University of Glasgow for the use of this graduation image dated 1899 


Medical Superintendent at Special School
for the reception of 40 'mentally defective' children Old Hall Street Wolverhampton.
Day Book entry 9th July 1902:
July 9th. Miss Jones brought Dr McNeill, a lady doctor, in to school this morning. They watched the children at dinner. Dr Morton paid his usual visit.

school book.jpg


Ina Lochhead McNeill

1869  - Born Belfast Ireland

1896/7  - Glasgow University

1898/9  - Graduated Bachelor of Surgeons Glasgow University (MB. ChBGlas)

1900 - The English Woman’s Year Book 1900 pg18 Glasgow MA degree1899

1901 -

1902  - The Wolverhampton Chronical    Wolverhampton Express and Star

            ‘A  LADY SELECTED’  - Appointed Surgeon at Wolverhampton Women’s Hospital.    

Court Guide and County Blue Book of Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire Maclean and McNeill listed at 52 Tettenhall Road  

1903 - UK Medical Register & The British Medical Directory

-       The British Journal of Nursing 10 Jan 1903 Miss McNeill newly appointed surgeon Wolverhampton and District Hospital.

-       Tamworth Herald / The Wolverhampton Chronicle 14th March 1903 First post mortem examination made by Lady Doctor Dr Ina  McNeill gives Evidence At An Inquest.

1904  - Kelly’s Directory 1904 Dr McNeill Anaesthetist at Wolverhampton and District Hospital for Women, Park Road West.

-       London gazette notice: Margaret Speirs MacLean and Ina Lochhead McNeill practising physicians, of 52, Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton, Part Company.

1905 -

1906 -  The British Medical Directory

1907 -  UK Medical Register & The British Medical Directory

1911 –  Ina McNeill - UK Cenus resident at Tettenhall Rd Wolverhampton

-         UK Medical Register

1912 -   Staffordshire directory 1912 Dr McNeill Anaesthetist at Wolverhampton and District Hospital for Women, Park Road West.

& Resident at 24 Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton

1913 -

1914 -  Wolverhampton Red Book. Dr McNeill Anaesthetist. Assistant surgeon.

Also Tuesday surgery 2-4pm at Wolverhampton and District Hospital for Women, Park Road West.

Physicians and Surgeons Dr McNeill listed at 24 Tettenhall Road,

Listed as resident at 24 Tettenhall Road

Dr McNeill Hon Physician at Jane Bessemeres Home for Deaf and Dumb Girls 7 Clarendon Street.

Dr McNeill Medical Superintendent at Special School Old Hall Street (for the reception of 40 mentally defective children)





1932 Kelly’s Directory for Birmingham, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire Pt2

Resident  Westgate, Albert Rd, Retired?

1936 Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire

Dr McNeill Resident Applecross, Tettenhall, Compton

1940- Kelly’s Directory of Birmingham Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcester Prt2

Dr McNeill Resident Applecross, Tettenhall, Compton

1949 Dr McNeill Death certificate: 7/2/49  Westfield, Grange Road, Tettenhall. Niece - Nora Reid.