Radio Show with Dr Darke
Originally broadcast on  Wolverhampton City  Radio (WCR FM) 2007-2010

Professor Colin Barnes established the Disability Archive UK University of Leeds. Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) 2008.

Karen Brown discusses her book on Harry Potter and Disability

Charles -Suzanne Charles - PhD student at the University of Wolverhampton - disabled students in higher education

Clare Duncan Hope University Liverpool Theatre and Drama Student,  in conversation with Paul Darke: Disability Art.

Professor Sally Glen discusses her work at the University of Wolverhampton and her nursing career

Debbie Jolly - Founding member of Disable People Against Cuts (DPAC), 
project lead with European Network for Independent Living (ENIL)

Montgomerie - Margaret Montgomerie of De Montford UniversityDiscussion on media representation of disability

Dr Alison Wilde The Medical Model, and  research work at  University of York and Leeds Centre for Disability Studies.