Liz Carr Actor, Paul Darke. Susan Murray, comedian, Andrew Jemmett, Arena Theatre Wolverhampton,

Radio Show with Dr Darke
Originally broadcast on  Wolverhampton City  Radio (WCR FM) 2007-2010

Arena Theatre - Andrew Jemmett - University of Wolverhampton - May 2009

Arena Theatre - Andrew Ridal- University of Wolverhampton

Arena Theatre - Andrew Ridal - Universuty Of Wolverhampton

Liz Carr - Actor. Activism

Liz Carr interviews Paul Darke

Arty Party - Ray Jacobs

Arty Party - Kevin Hodgetts

Deaffest - Deaf Film Festival Light House Medis Centre Wolverhampton

Fittings Theatre Company

Richard Hayhow and Jon Palmer - Learning Disabled Theatre


Hijinx Theatre

Susan Murray Women in Comedy 

Theo Neumann Travel and Film

Barbara Nice (Janice Connolly) women in Theatre

Shysters Theatre Company founder Richard Hayhow

Urban Voice & WOW- Carl Veltman and Jessica Harper Learning Disability Theatre

WOW (Andy and Jessica) Learning Disabled theatre in Bulgaria.

Oska Bright - Mark Richardson and Matthew.